“Enrolling your toddler in dance can be a vulnerable experience for a parent, especially if, like me, you never took dance yourself. BElevé has made it so easy. They sent me a photo of exactly what my daughter needed to “fit in” on her first day and answered all of my questions in detail.

The new facility is stunning and the teachers are incredibly kind and patient with our tiny dancer, Gloria. Thanks to Ms. Macy, Ms. Sarah, and everyone at the studio, Glo is thriving at BElevé and getting more confident every week. We are so happy we picked this studio for our daughter!”

Sydney Jensen

“We just love it! Victoria was so excited seeing the new building and said, ‘Mom this is way better than any other dance studio! I just love dance.’ We are so grateful to be a part of BElevé Dance Company. What a beautiful building filled with so many beautiful people.

This morning she and I were talking about how it’s so important to always do the right thing even when others are not and she said, ‘Mom I know, I learned that at dance and I know it’s important to always do the right thing.’

That warmed my heart because not only does she get to do what she loves but she learns so much from you all and I love how she has such amazing role models and inspiration around her.

Shannon Williams