We are thrilled to announce that BElevé will be the proud home of the Hands Down Tap Project Midwest under the direction of Nick DiNicolangelo with local faculty Company members Miss Kelsie Bliss and Miss Hudson Beery.

Let the rhythm guide your heart and move your soul. Find, explore, and perfect the art of tap dancing. Dance side-by-side with equal-minded dance connoisseurs who love to tap. We are proud to bring this incredible opportunity to the Midwest. Tap dancing communities are close and love celebrating each other’s talent near and far. We collaborate on a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, practice, and hit the stage to inspire more and more dancers to join the Hands Down Tap Project Midwest.

The Hands Down Tap Project is open to all tap enthusiasts, providing a platform for dancers to refine their skills, collaborate, and showcase their talent. All studio affiliations are welcome.  The mission of The Hands Down Tap Project is to unify the Midwest tap community from all surrounding areas. Be a part of the tap community that celebrates this art form.

Interested in the Hands Down Tap Project Midwest?