New Programs and Class Offerings

BElevé Unscripted: Movement Lab

Thursday: 7:30-8:15 ($84)

Step into a space where creativity knows no bounds in BElevé Unscripted: Movement Lab. This class is specifically designed for dancers eager to delve into the spontaneity and freedom of improvisation, pushing the boundaries of choreography and musical interpretation.

In our Movement Lab, you’ll explore your creativity, guided by experienced instructors who will introduce you to new improvisational techniques and concepts each week. You’ll learn to harness your intuition, respond to music and fellow dancers, and express your emotions and stories through movement.

Join us this summer for “BElevé Unscripted: Movement Lab” and unlock new levels of artistic expression, self-confidence, and creative freedom. Rediscover dance as an unscripted art form—where every movement is an exploration, every moment is fresh, and every dancer is a creator.